Do you know these Amazing 15 water rich foods make body hydrated in summer

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Body hydrated

Your muscles are composed of 70% water, and your brain is composed of a whopping 95% water. Water is also the single most critical nutrient for health, growth and development.

A 2% drop in body water can cause a small yet critical shrinkage of the brain, which can impair coordination and massively decrease concentration. Dehydration can also reduce endurance, decrease strength, cause cramping and slow-down muscular response.

How much water do I need body hydrated

There is no ‘one size fits all’ to this question, but the general recommendation is two to three litres per day for women and three to four litres per day for men. Of course, there are a lot of external factors that may require you to increase this amount.

If you train regularly or live in hot weather conditions, your hydration requirement may go up.
For example, I train four or five times per week, so I normally drink around four litres per day.

body hydrated

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Let your pee be your guide!

Your pee is normally your best indicator of your hydration level. If it is clear, you’re normally adequately hydrated. If it is light yellow and has an odour, you’re one or two steps away from dehydration (light yellow with no smell can come from supplementing with too much vitamin B or a very high-dosed multivitamin).

If it is dark yellow and has an intense odour, you’re probably dehydrated and not performing at your optimal level.

How to drink more water?

The key to drinking more water can be as simple as always carrying a water bottle with you. Leave it at your desk at work or beside you on the couch at home. If it’s there and you see it, it will serve as an automatic subconscious reminder to drink more and stay hydrated. This has worked great for me, and I haven’t left home without a two-litre water bottle in about five years.

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Body hydrated food

1. watermelon– water content: 92%

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Watermelon is a hydrating, nutrient-dense fruit that may provide several health benefits, including a reduced risk of chronic illness.

2. strawberries– water content: 91%

Strawberries are very healthy and contain lots of water. Plus, the nutrients they provide may deliver a number of health benefits.

3. Cantaloupe– water content: 90%

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Cantaloupe is a healthy fruit that provides a significant amount of water and many health-promoting vitamins and minerals.

4. Peaches– water content: 89%

Peaches are rich in water, fiber and antioxidants, in addition to several vitamins and minerals that may promote hydration and provide many other health benefits.

5. Oranges– water content: 88%

Oranges are a great source of water, fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients and may help prevent kidney stones and several illnesses.

6. Skim milk– water content: 91%

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Milk is rich in water, vitamins and minerals, and has been shown to help people maintain proper hydration, especially after exercise.

7. Cucumber– water content: 95%

Cucumbers are high in water but very low in calories. This combination is beneficial for several aspects of your health, including hydration.

8. Lettuce– water content: 96%

Lettuce provides nutrients and fiber, as well as a high amount of water, its help keep you hydrated

9. Broths and soups– water content: 92%

Broths and soups are rich in water and therefore excellent foods to include in your diet to promote hydration.

10. Zucchini– water content: 94%

Consuming zucchini will contribute a significant amount of water and nutrients to your diet. It will help keep you hydrated, and it’s beneficial for your overall health.

11. Celery– water content: 95%

Celery is good source of water and low in calories.

12. Plain yogurt– water content: 88%

Plain yogurt is great source of water, protein and some important vitamins and minerals.

13. Tomatoes – water content: 94%

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Tomatoes provide lots of water, it”s beneficial for hydration. It has nutrients and anioxidents to protect against several diseaes.

14. Bell peppers– water content: 92%

Benefits of bell peppers due to the high amounts of water and nutrients they contain, particularly vitamin C.

15. Coconut water- water content: 95%

Drinking coconut water is helpful for hydration because it is rich in water and electrolytes.It’s use for body hydrated.

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