5 Amazing Yogasanas to Reduce Obesity

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Amazing yogasanas

If the body is healthy, then the fun of living life is something else. It is the primary duty of every person to pay attention to their health, but unfortunately, very few people pay attention to their health in time. As a result, they suffer from many diseases before time. And one such problem which is becoming very common in health issues is obesity. Today many people are upset due to their increased weight, in fact people are so upset that thousands of crores of industry has arisen due to weight loss.

Friends, there are thousands of ways to lose weight, but in all these methods, the method that gives you a long-term solution without side effects, is yoga. And that’s why today we are sharing 5 effective yoga techniques for weight loss with you

(1) Kapalbhati Pranayama

yogasanas kapalbhati
yogasanas kapalbhati

Method of cranial :-

To perform this Yogasan, choose a place with clean, quiet and open environment. Then sit in a normal posture with a mat-like pedestal. While sitting, apply your right leg above the left thigh and the left leg under the right thigh. After this posture, the breath has to be left outside, and the stomach has to be pushed inward. This activity should be done for five minutes in the morning.


It increases the metabolism of your body and clears the energy channels for a free flow of energy. It stimulates the organs related to the abdomen such as stomach, pancreas, etc, and is very effective for those who suffer from diabetes. 

Regular practice of kapalbhati enhances the digestive system and ensures that the absorption and assimilation processes function perfectly. It reduces weight around the belly area and also improves the blood circulation of the body so that you feel an internal glow on your face and body. It calms the senses and rejuvenates your brain so that you feel happy and stress-free at all times.

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(2) Bhujangasana yogasanas

yogasanas bhujangasan
yogasanas bhujangasan

Method of cranial:-

To do this Yogasana, first of all lie down on the ground on the stomach. Now, with both hands, lift the upper part of the body from the waist upwards, but the elbow should be bent. The palm should be open and spread on the ground. Now move the face upwards without moving the rest of the body, stay in this position for some time.


Bhujangasana is very beneficial for reducing abdominal fat. By doing this asana, weight starts decreasing very quickly. To perform Bhujangasana, lie on your stomach. Now put both your hands under the forehead. Keep it with the toes of both feet. Then raise your forehead and bring both arms as shoulders. By doing this, the entire weight of the body will fall on the arms Now lift the front part of the body with the help of arms. Stretch the body and take a long breath. Do this asana for some time. Then lie down on your stomach again.

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(3) paschimottanasana yogasanas

yogasanas paschimottanasan
yogasanas paschimottanasan

Method of cranial:-

To do the asana, just sit on the floor with your feet facing the front. Start by sitting in an upright position, bend downward through the seated bones and reach the crown of the head towards the ceiling. Keep it with the ball of the big toe touching the toes. Move the hands forward and hold the big toes with the index finger and middle. If this is not possible then place the palms of the hands on the floor next to the feet, or modify the posture with a belt or strap wrapped around the feet.

On one breath, raise the chin slightly, extending through the chest. Then, on exhalation, bend forward, mainly hinges. Do not pull with your arms. Rather, move forward using the deep core muscles of the legs and abdomen. Try not to round the back. If the back is excessively rotating, if there is any tension or pressure in the knees, or if the poses are just uncomfortable, bend the knees generously, or do not go too deep. Breathe deeply throughout the trunk.


Paschimottanasana strengthens the back and spine. Lengthens the hamstrings. Reduces waist and belly fat. Loses body weight. Relieves back pain. Makes the body flexible Regular practice of asanas provides direct massage to the pelvic area, which is helpful for various types of sexual pathologies such as menopause, menstrual problems, etc. Diabetes ensures prevention and management of the disease. Strengthens the digestive system, thereby eliminating constipation and gas problems.

(4) Anulom Antonyms

yogasanas anulom antonyms
yogasanas anulom antonyms

Method of cranial:-

To reverse Anulom, first sit in the lotus position. Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in slowly through your left nostril. After this, close your left nostril with your index middle finger and exhale through the right nose. Repeat the same exercise for the second time and vice versa. In this way, practice for 15 to 30 minutes per day.


Vata, Kapha and Pitta all three doshas can be corrected with regular practice of Anulom Vilom Pranayama. It cures all diseases caused by disturbances of ‘Vata Dosha’. These include arthritis and disease related to reproductive organs. Blood pressure and diabetes can be completely cured with regular practice of this pranayama. It is beneficial in muscle diseases, flatulence and acidity.It is beneficial in relieving stress and worries. Anulom inverse improves blood circulation. Help to convert negative thoughts into positive. Obesity can be controlled by obeying it. Treats constipation, gastric, gastric problems and snoring.

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(5) Naukasan yogasanas

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Method of cranial:-

First of all sit on the hips. Raise your legs upward and tilt the torso backwards. That is, keep the body in the state of the boat. While in this position, keep the hands straight forwards and keep them in the direction of the knee. Keep the front of the leg straight. In this state, only five seconds stayed at a time.


Strengthens abdominal muscles, hips, and spine. It strengthens the muscles of the arms, thighs and shoulders. Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands and intestines. It helps your mind to relax and relieve tension. Improves digestion. Exercising regularly is an effective way to burn belly fat. Stimulation while doing the pose helps to improve and control your digestion, which includes reducing gas and reducing constipation.

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