Best food chart for 2 year old baby, will grow fast

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If the child is fed according to his age, this helps in the development of the child. What to feed the child and what not to feed, a mother is extremely upset thinking this. You are not disturbed at all. Here we are giving you every day diet food chart plan.

food chart
food chart

Accordingly feed your child throughout the day. He will grow fast and will always be full of energy. Not only this, he will also get all the necessary nutritious ingredients. This food chart diet plan is especially beneficial for vegetarian children.

Food chart of 2 to 3 years old child

Monday diet


• Breakfast: Methi paratha with butter and a glass of milk.

• Lunch: Juicy vegetable of black gram, vegetable of beans, bread and curd.

• Evening snacks: apple

• Dinner: Soybean and capsicum gravy vegetable and rice.

Tuesday diet

• Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana and milk.

• Lunch: rajma, raita made with cumin rice, cucumber.

• Evening snacks: Pears.

• Dinner: Potato Pea Vegetable and Missy Roti.

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Wednesday diet

• Breakfast: coconut chutney and buttermilk with uttapam.

• Lunch: Paneer casserole, beet vegetable and gourd raita.

• Evening snack: Pineapple.

• Dinner: Vegetable polenta and carrot raita

Thursday diet

• Breakfast: chopped vegetables with moong dal and a glass of milk.

• Lunch: Dhuli urad dal, Arabic bhajiya, rice and curd.

• Evening snacks: Grapes.

• Dinner: potato and onion paratha and curd.

Friday diet

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• Breakfast: Dosa and sambar, a glass of buttermilk.

• Lunch: juicy chickpeas and parwal vegetables, rice, yogurt

• Evening snacks: Orange.

• Dinner: Vegetable casserole and cucumber raita.

What to feed saturday

• Breakfast: beans, carrots, semolina upma made of coconut and a glass of buttermilk.

• Lunch: A potato vegetable with curry and cumin, rice.

• Evening snacks: Banana.

• Dinner: Mushroom, Pea and Corn Juicy Vegetable, Bread

Sunday diet

• Breakfast: Paneer bhurji, toast and a glass of milk.

• Lunch: mustard greens, maize bread.

• Evening snack: Chiku.

• Dinner: Sambar and rice.

Snacks for kids

Mixed Vegetable Sandwich:

This is the mother’s all time favorite snack for children. Various types of vegetables are put into it, such as green vegetables, carrots, cucumber, cabbage etc. These are all nutritious vegetables, which provide rich nutrition to children like calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, A and K etc.


Oatmeal Idli:

It is also very healthy. Idli made with oatmeal has very low carbohydrates and calories. It is very healthy for children. It also does not increase obesity.

Steam Dhokla:

This is a traditional snack for children. It contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus. While gram flour is a good source of protein. It has calories and essential fat.

Some important tips for mothers for young children

Often, mothers feed their child with love so much that the child gets a stomach ache. Keep in mind that it is as important for the health of the child as it is easy to eat. If you feed her too much, it can harm her health. There are some important tips for every mother-

• Try not to over feed the child.

• Do not give him fast food at all or give very little.


• This is the right age for the child, when he can understand the difference between nutritious and unhealthy diet. In this case, talk with your children about the nutritious elements found in vegetables. Explain why junk food is bad.

• Eat a healthy diet yourself. Eat on time and keep away from junk food. You will develop the right eating habits in the child.



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