Best food chart for 3 year old baby, will grow fast

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It is often very challenging for mothers to give their children what they need so that their growing body can get proper dose of nutrients. Any new food chart when you give it to the child for the first time, it can tantrum. In this way, this baby food chart of a child up to 3 years will help you. Balanced diet chart.

When your child is 3 years old their diet is very important. At this age, the child’s body needs a lot of nutrition. If the child does not get different types of nutrients at this age, it can affect the development of the child. At this age, you can give dal, thin vegetable soup, gram, etc. to the child. The diet of a 3 year old child should be in such a way that he can get proper amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats according to his body’s requirement –

balanced diet food chart chart.

food chart
food chart


Breakfast – Sandwich and a glass of milk

Lunch – Mung Dal Khichdi

Evening snacks – a banana

Dinner – a bowl of lentils and bread


Breakfast – party and a glass of milk

Lunch – Pea-Carrot Vegetable and Bread

Evening Breakfast – A Mango

Dinner – Cottage Cheese and Bread


Breakfast – semolina pudding and milk

Lunch – five pieces of khichdi

Evening snack – an orange

Dinner – Lentils and Bread


Breakfast – Potato Paratha and Curd

Lunch – veg-casserole and raita

Evening snack – an apple

Dinner – Cheese Bread and Vegetable


Breakfast – semolina upma and glass of milk

Lunch – kidney beans and rice

Evening Breakfast – A Guava

Dinner – lady’s vegetable and bread


Breakfast – Mung lentils and yogurt

Lunch – casserole and cottage cheese

Evening Breakfast – Pear

Dinner – Potato Pea Vegetable and Bread


Breakfast – Poha and a glass of milk

Lunch – nutritious lentils and vegetable polenta

Evening Breakfast – Grapes

Dinner – Bread and Mung Dal

Ways to increase nutrient content in children’s diet

Since a 1-3 year old child develops very fast, his body needs more nutrients. It is not necessary that the diet you are giving to the child should contain such nutrients that can meet the nutritional requirements of the child. In such a way, you can do these three tips to increase the nutrients in your children’s diet:

• Fry cashews and almonds on a griddle and grind them in a grinder. Close the powdered cashew nuts and almond powder in an air-tight container. Whenever you are making pudding for pudding or children, then add one spoon of cashew and powdered almond powder to it. Make enough cashew and almond powder to finish within a month.

• While preparing the diet of children, you can also add dairy products in it such as cheese, curd, cheese. This will fulfill the requirement of calcium in the child.

• While making pudding or pudding you can add pure native ghee to the baby’s food.

• When the child wakes up in the morning, you can give him two almonds with a cup of milk. Soak the almonds in water overnight to prepare them. Before giving it to the baby, remove the brown peel on top of it. Always give it freshly prepared to the child.

• While giving double roti, you can put butter in it. With double roti you can also give omelet to the child.

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Give kids snacks like this

The time between breakfast and lunch can be called snacks time. At this time, sometimes children ask for something to eat. If the child asks for something to eat then give it to him. But keep in mind that whatever you give to the child to eat, the child gets nutritious elements from it. In snacks you can give the child a bowl of chopped fruits, fruit juice, soup of various types of vegetables. Give the child something new every day so that your child does not get bored eating the same snacks daily.


Keep these things in mind when making a diet chart of a 3-year-old child

Small children have a small stomach. The baby’s stomach gets filled up with a little diet. That is why keep giving the child a little food throughout the day. While making a diet chart of a 3-year-old child, select such foods so that the child can get all kinds of nutritional elements. For this, include some or all of the nutrition groups in the diet.

• Take help of your child while preparing baby food in the kitchen.Give him some very small work that he can easily do, such as placing fruits in a basket or decorating on the table. This will make your 3-year-old child interested in the food you have prepared.

• Add something new to the daily diet every day so that your child gets used to eating everything.

• Include different types of grains in the child’s diet. Allow your child to eat bread made from many types of grains.


• To make a good diet chart for 3 years kids in India, you will need to determine how much dietary quantity for your child is enough to satisfy his hunger. As the child grows up, encourage him to prepare his plate on his own and get as much food in his plate as he can finish eating.



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