Great Biceps and Triceps workout

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Biceps and Triceps workout

We all have a desire to have a good body. Because it not only makes our personality attractive and impressive, but also increases our confidence. There are many aspects to having a good physique. Like good height, wide chest, broad and strong shoulders, strong arms bicep and tricep, etc.

If you also want to make an attractive body then this article can be useful for you. To make the arms attractive, it is very important to work on the bicep and tricep.

The bicep is the front part of our upper arm, the same tricep is called the back part of the upper arm. It is also divided into three parts. When we bend our arms, the bicep contracts, that is, it contracts, which we see in the form of muscles.

At this time our triceps are dilated. When we open our arms, the triceps contract, and the bicep expands. Both are important in making our arms look strong and attractive.

Biceps workout

Although many workouts can be tried to strengthen the bicep muscles, for this the workout which is most effective, we are going to tell about that next.

Barbell curl

The most effective workout for building bicep muscles is the barbell curl. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is important to tell them that in a barbell curl workout, we bring the barbell up to the chest, then to the thigh, and repeat the same process over and over again.

Do three sets of 8-10 repetitions in it. Barbell curls are also commonly called hitting dumbbells. The correct technique to do this is that whenever you curl the barbell up and down, do not let the body move during that time.

At that time only your hands should keep curling the barbell with the help of your wrist. When you take the barbell up to the chest, tighten the shoulder muscles.

This will strengthen the bicep muscles. Because barbell curls are done with the help of both hands. Therefore, the pressure falls equally on the bicep of both arms.

Dumbbell curl

This workout is similar to a barbell curl, but instead of a barbell, we use dumbbells. With the help of dumbbells, we can work out alternately with both hands. Even while doing this, keeping the rest of the body still, only your arms have to be squeezed.

In this, it is more important to do workouts focusing on the bicep muscles. Apply this workout to two to three sets with 10 to 15 repetitions. By doing this workout every day, we can make strong and big biceps.

Overexercise for heart disease

Triceps workout

As we mentioned earlier, the tricep is the back part of our upper arm and it contracts when the bicep expands. It has 3 parts, hence it is called tricep. Next, we will tell you about some of the best exercises for triceps.

Diamond Push Ups 

Diamond Push Ups 

While doing pushups in Diamond Push Up, the position of our hands is slightly different. In this, by bringing both the toes of the hand in one place, both the index finger and both the thumbs have to push up. This workout also proves effective in strengthening our arms and triceps.

Overhead Extension For Triceps 

We can do this workout with the help of both barbells and dumbbells. In this workout, the weight is tilted towards the back of the head with the help of both hands and then raised up. This squeezes the tricep muscles. This is called tricep overhead extension.

This exercise is very effective in strengthening the tricep muscles. In this workout too, do 2 to 3 sets while doing 10-10 repetitions.

Dumbbell kickback

this workout, we use dumbbells, in which we lift the dumbbell with the opposite hand and push it backward by resting the knee on a bench and placing one paw on the bench. During this try to keep the body stable.

In this workout too, do 10-10 repetitions and do two to three sets. After doing it with one hand, then do this workout with the other hand, with you can make strong tricep muscles. Apart from these, you can also apply bench dips for the triceps.

Diet Plan 

Now talk about a nutritious diet and nutrition, for this, you do not need to consume very expensive things. If you regularly consume milk, bananas, dry fruits, cereals, different types of pulses, eggs, green vegetables and fruits, and fruit juices, then surely you will get the desired and good results of your hard work. Along with this, it is also necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water.

Biceps and Triceps workout

Some essential tips and precautions for biceps triceps workout

Most people have some misconceptions about exercise. At the same time, they also take some precautions, which we are going to tell them later. If you also work out then these tips will be necessary for you.

working out on an empty stomach

many people have a misconception that workouts or exercises are always done on an empty stomach. While this is not true.

Yes, if you do yoga, pranayama, or meditation on an empty stomach, then it will be good. But if your goal is to do bodybuilding, then doing so can have an adverse effect on your body. The truth is that our body needs instant energy during heavy exercise.

Therefore, it is very important to have a light breakfast just before exercise to refresh and boost the body. But that breakfast should be healthy.

Heavy exercise in the beginning

heavy exercise in the early stages people who are in the early stages of bodybuilding often make this mistake. They think that the more workout they do, the faster the body will be made. Whereas to think so is just a mistake.

Actually, in the early stages, our muscle cells start breaking down due to exercising more than a limit. Because by that time, our body is not accustomed to bearing much hard work. Therefore, starting with light exercise in the initial phase, it is advisable to increase it gradually.

Intense Workout Regularly

Often people repeat the mistake of exercising continuously without stopping. It is not necessary that heavy exercise should be done seven days a week. Adequate rest is also necessary after heavy exercise three to four days a week. So that the damaged muscles can be repaired again. By doing this, fatigue will not dominate our bodies.

Unnecessary Pills

Usually, it is also seen that people start taking different types of pills in order to make the body quick. We would like to tell you that many supplement pills available in the market have side effects. Which can also have a bad effect on certain parts of the body.

Therefore, such side supplement pills should be consumed only after taking the advice of experts, otherwise, they should be avoided.


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( Our purpose is simply to provide you with information. Be sure to consult a specialist or your family doctor before consuming anything. )

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