Coconut : nutrition, shocking 5 medical uses & adverse effects

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Coconut Nutritional Profile

• Energy value (calories per serving): High
• Protein: Low
• Fat: High
• Saturated fat: High
• Cholesterol: None
• Carbohydrates: Low
• Fiber: High
• Sodium: Low
• Major vitamin contribution: B vitamins, vitamin C
• Major mineral contribution: Iron, potassium, phosphorus


How Many Nutrients in Coconut Food

• Coconut is high in fiber, but its most plentiful nutrient is fat, the oil that accounts for 85 percent of the calories in coconut meat.

• Coconut oil, which is 89 percent saturated fatty acids, is the most highly saturated dietary fat (see butter, vegetable oils).

• One piece of fresh coconut, 2” × 2”× 1/2”, has four grams dietary fiber and 15 g fat (13 g saturated fat, 0.6 g monounsaturated fat, 0.2 g
polyunsaturated fat).

• Like other nuts and seeds, coconut is a good source of some minerals, including 1.1 mg iron (6 percent of the RDA for a woman, 14 percent of the RDA for a man), 0.5 mg zinc (6 percent of the RDA for a woman, 5 percent of the RDA for a man), and 4.5 mg selenium (8 percent of the RDA).

How To Serve Nutritious Coconut Food

• In small servings, as a condiment.

Diets That May Restrict or Exclude Coconut Food

• Low-fat diet
• Low-fiber, low-residue diet

How To Buying Coconut Food

Look for:

Coconuts that are heavy for their size. You should be able to hear the liquid sloshing around inside when you shake a coconut; if you don’t, the coconut has dried out.

• Avoid nuts with a wet “eye” (the dark spots at the top of the nut) or with mold anywhere on the shell.

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How To Storing Coconut Food

• Store whole fresh coconuts in the refrigerator and use them within a week.

• Shredded fresh coconut should be refrigerated in a covered container and used in a day or so while it is still fresh and moist.

• Refrigerate dried, shredded coconut in an air- and moistureproof container once you have opened the can or bag.

How To Preparing Coconut Food

• Puncture one of the “eyes” of the coconut with a sharp, pointed tool. Pour out the liquid.

• Then crack the coconut by hitting it with a hammer in the middle, where the shell is widest.

• Continue around the nut until you have cracked the shell in a circle around the middle and can separate the two halves. Pry the meat out of the shell.

• To shred coconut meat, break the shell into small pieces, peel off the hard shell and the brown papery inner covering, then rub the meat against a regular food grater.

What Happens When You Cook Coconut Food

• Toasting caramelizes sugars on the surface of the coconut meat and turns it golden.

• Toasting also reduces the moisture content of the coconut meat, concentrating the nutrients.


How Other Kinds of Processing Affect Coconut Food


Drying concentrates all the nutrients in coconut. Unsweetened dried shredded coconut has about twice as much protein, fat, carbohydrate, iron, and potassium as an equal amount of fresh coconut. (Sweetened dried shredded coconut has six times as much sugar.)

Coconut milk and cream.

Coconut cream is the liquid wrung out of fresh coconut meat; coconut milk is the liquid wrung from fresh coconut meat that has been soaked in water; coconut water is the liquid in the center of the whole coconut.

• Coconut milk and cream are high in fat, coconut water is not.

• All coconut liquids should be refrigerated if not used immediately.

Medical Uses/Benefits Of Coconut

Raw coconut is rich in fiber.

Which helps in making the digestive system strong. Due to this, many problems related to constipation and stomach are removed. And if your stomach remains healthy, then you will get a lot of help in reducing weight. Apart from this, coconut is known to burn extra fat in your body. By controlling your appetite, coconut has a positive effect on your metabolic rate.

keeps the heart-healthy

By eating a piece of coconut daily, the cholesterol level in the body remains under control. Yes, due to being rich in saturated fat, coconut improves good cholesterol in the body. It helps in improving the blood cholesterol level of the body. A better cholesterol level also helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases.


Mature coconut acts as a masculinity enhancer. Vitamin C in it prevents aging. At the same time stimulates the functions of the thyroid gland


Coconut oil is easily digested. Mixing poppy seeds, milk and honey in coconut milk will reduce dry cough. Mixing coconut milk with buttermilk will kill the worms in the stomach

Coconut oil

Alcohol balm for chronic chronic ulcers, cockroach balm for skin diseases, camphor balm for rheumatic pains, sapphire balm for scalp, heat balm for psoriasis and essential oil for baldness on the scalp.

Adverse Effects Associated with Coconut Food

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Foods high in saturated fats increase the risk of heart attack from clogged arteries.

Allergic reaction.

According to the Merck Manual, nuts are one of the 12 foods most likely to trigger the classic food allergy symptoms: hives, swelling of the lips and eyes, and upset stomach.

• The others are berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), chocolate, corn, eggs fish, legumes (green peas, lima beans, peanuts, soybeans), milk, peaches, pork, shellfish, and wheat (see wheat cereals).

(Corn flour, potato flour, rice flour, and soy flour)

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