Dried Fruits And Fresh Fruits Good Or Bad ?

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Fruits Good Or Bad 

Unlike vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables, which are nearly impossible to overeat, the answers regarding the effect of fruit on body composition can vary depending on who you speak with.

I have heard every argument from ‘Fruit will make you fat’ to ‘We’re evolved to eat fruit, which
should be a staple part of every diet on the planet!’. There are a few topics, which I can argue just as strongly on both sides.

On one hand, I am a massive fan of the vitamins and minerals that fruits naturally contain. In addition, if timed right, they can balance blood sugar and enormously curb a natural sweet tooth.

On the other hand, fructose is converted to glucose pretty easily and excess of it can lead to unnecessary fat gain. Further, there are certain fruits that are nearly pure glucose and can hugely elevate blood sugar levels, leading to a whole host of energy crashes and fat-gain problems.

The truth isn’t whether fruits are inherently good or bad; it’s the selection choices you make and their timings that are key.

Fruits good or bad contain a simple sugar called fructose, which needs no digestion and can therefore enter the bloodstream quickly, like glucose or sucrose.

However, unlike them, fructose is classified as slow releasing because the body can’t use it as it is and has to convert it into glucose before your body can effectively use it. This slows down the sugar’s effect on the metabolism.

Some fruits such as grapes, mangoes, and dates contain pure glucose and are therefore faster releasing. Bananas contain both fructose and glucose and thereby raise blood sugar levels quite speedily and are thus worth watching out for too.

Through personal experience, the negatives of raising blood sugar dramatically, even post-workout, massively outweigh the benefits. It feels as if you are spending the rest of the day trying to stabilize your energy levels and your blood sugar balance.

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I would use these fruits in moderation to avoid an imbalance in blood sugars, which can slow down the fat-burning process and lead to unnecessary energy drops during the day.

What Are The Best Sources Of Carbohydrates For Fruits Good Or Bad

Sweet potato
Baby new potatoes
Brown or basmati rice
Fruit (used in alignment with your goals)

As mentioned above, the key is timing your meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable and then using quality food to keep your body fuelled. Here is a sample daily layout, but you can use your own favorite foods to make it suit your lifestyle.

Most Of Study Show Health Benefits

Fruits good or bad multiple observational studies have shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of various diseases.

Many of the studies pool together fruits and vegetables, while some only look at fruits.

One review of nine studies found that each daily portion of fruit consumed reduced the risk of heart disease.

Also, a study including 9,665 US adults found that a high fruit and vegetable intake was associated with a 46% lower risk of diabetes in women, but there was no difference in men.

Furthermore, one study that looked at fruits and vegetables separately found that vegetables were associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer, but this didn’t apply to fruit.

Eat Fruits Can You Help Lose Weight

fruits good or bad

It’s often forgotten that fruits are incredibly filling.

Because of their fiber and water contents and the extensive chewing involved in eating them, fruits are very satiating.

The satiety index is a measure of how much different foods contribute to feelings of fullness.

Fruits like apples and oranges are among the highest-scoring foods tested, even more filling than beef and eggs.

When to Avoid Fruit, Fruits Good Or Bad

Even though fruit is healthy for most people, there are some reasons why others may need to avoid it.

One is intolerance. For example, eating fruit can cause digestive symptoms in people with an intolerance to fodmaps.

The other reason is being on a very low-carb or ketogenic diet. The main goal of these diets is to reduce carb intake sufficiently for the brain to start using mostly ketone bodies for fuel instead of glucose.

Fruit Juices And Dried Fruits Are Effective If You Eat In Limit

Even though whole fruits are very healthy for most people, avoid binging on fruit juice or dried fruit.

Many of the fruit juices on the market aren’t even “real” fruit juices. They consist of water mixed with some sort of concentrate and a whole bunch of added sugar.

But even if you get 100% real fruit juice, keep your intake moderate.

There is a lot of sugar in fruit juice, about as much as a sugar-sweetened beverage.

However, there is no fiber and chewing resistance to slow down consumption, making it very easy to take in a large amount of sugar in a short period of time.

Similarly, dried fruits are very high in sugar, and it’s easy to eat large amounts of them.

Smoothies are somewhere in the middle. If you put the whole fruit in the blender, it’s much better than drinking fruit juice. Still, eating the whole fruit is best.

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( Our purpose is simply to provide you with information. Be sure to consult a specialist or your family doctor before consuming anything. )

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