Garbh sanskar: best delivery tips (part-4)

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Delivery garbh sanskar

How many souls are born in this world every day and how many souls depart. This cycle of creation has to go on. There is no doer of the whole creation. We have to obey them. One of the most important tasks of to most gracious god is to maintain this creation.

The mother has to give birth to the child as her responsibility to maintain it. The responsibility of the coming child belongs to god so to welcome him in this creation with love. Not by shouting or screaming.

Let’s think…

The fetus is dark and the baby suddenly enters the light outside, the fetus has only a throbbing sound, there is a lot of noise in the outside environment, and the pressure inside and outside is also different.

The baby’s breathing and food in the womb depend on the mother, now she has to do both herself. What a big difference! How traumatic is it for a child? So, a loving welcome to his is inevitable.

The experiment was performed on 141 pregnant women by the University of Salzburg, Australia. Women who were afraid of childbirth gave birth to premature, low birth weight and emotionally deformed offspring.

When the offspring of a woman with a positive attitude towards childbirth was born perfectly healthy both physically and mentally.

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Welcome sweetie…

Occasion: 1

As the days of delivery approached a woman, the tension grew. So he went to the doctor and expressed his grief.

The doctor said, ‘Sister! So far, billions of babies have been born on this earth. One mother gives birth to a baby every 3 seconds. This does not surprise you by giving birth.

In earlier time there was no system, yet children are born, Also, if you are afraid, it is likely to have a devastating effect on the baby, So relax and get ready to welcome your child to this earth.

Occasion: 2

Whemn mahavira swami was in the womb of his mother Trishla, his movements caused pain to his mother and a roar of pain was uttered from her. When mahavira swami, who was in the womb, came to know about this, he stopped moving.

So his mother was more worried that the baby might be dead somewhere, right? What happened to my baby. So again Mahavira swami started his movements.

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Welcome tips

This whole creation is made by god, just as god is the one who gives birth to motherhood. He wants to advance his creation and make you an object, keep constantly following this price.

Constantly giving yourself positive suggestions. Like ‘ I have given birth to a very healthy baby with a normal delivery.

My baby is healthy and I am breastfeeding him with joy and enthusiasm’.(Visualization and autosuggestion)

According to Ayurveda, if there is no gas in the body, then delivery takes place happily. If the wrong emphasis is given at the time of delivery, the baby is born deformed.

Selection of doctors


Doctors are the beloved children of god because often they get so close to god that they save their patient.

According Dr. Saernoff Madnick’s research, 70% of 170 young people with schizophrenia were born with a difficult delivery.

According to another of his research 16 out of 17 most brutal murderers in America were born through very difficult delivery.

So, the choice of doctor is very important. Normal delivery and tough delivery also have a big impact on the baby’s IQ.

That’s all for the best delivery

1. The hospital should also have a secluded and quiet environment like home so that the woman does not feel strange as a patient. May she be happy. The hospital staff should be emotional. Must be high tech and high-touch.

2. Women are not treated like patients. She can compete properly and give birth to a baby at her convenience.

3. Have a sister or relative present with the woman during childbirth who can give her emotional support.

4. Delivery takes place in a position that suits the pregnant woman.

5. Efforts are made for natural birth without medicines without emergency.

6. The woman listened for 9 months let her play the music she likes .

7. The child is not born in bright light.

8. Birtg takes place patiently without haste baby’s it is very important that the speed of exit, the speed of pushing the mother and the speed of pulling out of the doctor are correct. (The right way to start breathing  with the birth of a baby is to hold him a sleep on his feet and pat him on the back.)

9. Immediately after birth, the baby is placed on the right side of the mother’s chest. Only then does the uterus rupture.

10. Then to the child for a while given to the father.

11. Do not rub the mesh in the eye.

Premature delivery has a profound effect on a baby’s future life. Research says that a child with a normal delivery has a much higher IQ than a child with an improper delivery. So be careful.

Research from Richmond University in Virginia (USA) states. ”Hormonal changes during childbirth greatly increase a mother’s intelligence”.

If you are pregnant and want to be a good mother in coming time then read the information carefully and if you like then apply in your life, click here to read further

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