Garbh sanskar: how to child development & do be good parenting (part-5)

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Child development of 10% intelligence

Time has not passed yet. If you accidentally add too much salt to your cooking, keep it hot and another vegetable, it will probably mix. But once the cooking has cooled, it will not mix so well.

So now if sincere efforts are made in the first 2.5 years, maybe even the damaged game can be improved to some extent, because the other 10% of the human brain develops in the next 2.5 years.( 80% development in fetus, 10% in first 2.5 years, second 10% throughout life)

3 Roles of parents for child development

Parents have to become teachers, child psychologists and saints to raise a child. First learn the infinite powers of child.

1. Look not at the child’s body but at the brain and infinite power.

2. The child learns the mother tongue without any grammar. What a surprise!

3. the child learns to walk in 1 year. Running the robot it is cost crores of ruppes to climb the stairs.

Such reasoning proves that ‘no child is normal’. There is a need to recognize its power, to develop it. This is the duty of parents.

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child development

2.5 Even in a year it happens…

Shinichi is a Japanese scientist named Suzuki. They embrace the little ones, who are still barely 2-4 weeks old, and play them catchy music. He does the same with the other music 30 days after playing one tune over and over again.

This process continues until the child is two years old. she then begins a three month music course for the baby’s mother. In which the child remains the listener.

The scientist then places a small violin in the child’s hand, which the child learns to use by touching it. The first lesson is only two to three intes lon g. Then gradually the lesson reaches the hour.

By the time a child finds it very difficult to play the violin, the child has mastered the violin. In 1912, he organized a violin concert for 1,200 Japanese children in tokyo.

The average age of these children was 5 years old and the children played the tunes of Beethoven, Mozart and vivaldi very beautifully!

Suzuli says that every child has some special skills that need to be developed. The same can be said of teaching a child to speak. A child surrounded by adults keeps listening to their conversations. The child then intends to imitate and speak.

All the members of the household keep encouraging the child o speak again and again. After that the child increases his vocabulary and then even the little ones start speaking. Even if he doesn’t know how to read a single letter, “saysprofessor suzuki”.

Yes, the child is the sourceattitudes,etc., on him is known to fall on him unknowingly. Some child psychologists say that what a child learn from birth to the age of  of infinity. Let’s not take it for granted. During 2.5 years. 10% of his brain develops.

That is 8.6 billion new neurons are formed. That is also nothing less. Because the chimpanzee monkey spends its entire life with the brains of only 6.2 billion neurons.

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Will do as he sees fit

In childhood the adopts the principle of obedience. The child will adopt as the parents will do. That is to say, the influence of the parent’s mannerisms, and attitudes, etc., on him is known to fall on him unknowingly.

Some child psychologists say that what a child learns from birth to the age of 2.5 to 3 years is about 50% of his or her entire life.

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Research says, for child development

It should be planned to develop all the senses of the child. PQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ… aaa four should be taken care of.

Make the child experience it to the maximum for the development  of all the five senseslike sight (seeing), hearing, tough, taste and smell.

That is show the child as much as possible, listen to it, play with it ( just right for the child), sniff… Doing do will develop his five senses.

Tips on what to look for child development

Everything that a child sees in childhood is permanently stored in the hard disk of his brain. It can almost never be deleted. Child development is very important.

For the parents want to see the virtues in the child, the virtues have to be cultivated first. The child is a blank slate, whatever you write will be written. The baby is a withered plant, it will turn like a hair. Then the banks do not climb up.

Sane Guruji, a well-known reformer from Maharashtra says: the seeds of success or failure in a child are planted by the parents knowingly or unknowingly.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: the failure of a parent.

Do we qualify as parents?

For a little money, for a little mastery, we worked so hard, but how much didi we study to become a true parent, to create a new life? How much do we know about feticide and child rearing ?

Becoming a parent without qualification?

Does’t our heart admit this? Do we want to be the parents of our children? Cradling without prior preparation?

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Rani Madalasa teaches Garbh sanskar lessons

The story of Madalasa, the wife of Ritudhvaj, the king of Kashi, sheds a wonderful light on the fact of fetal rites.  Rani Madalasa was spiritually inclined.

Before the birth of the child, they would announce the qualities, temperament, and nature of the child to come. And rather than constantly contemplating the same kind of virtues. And adopting a proper diet.

In this way he gave birth to three sons named Vikrant, Subahu and Shatrumardan, each of whom became a hermit.

Eventually, king Ritudhwaj became concerned about the heirs of his kingdom. So king Ritudhvaj demanded a son from Sati Madalasa to take charge of the kingdom.

Madalasa then conceived and gave birth to a son by contemplating the king’s qualities, temperament and nature. This son is king Alark who retained his father’s inheritance. This event is the best example of the effect of motherhood and feticide.

Yes, mother can do whatever she wants, for child development.

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