Garbh sanskar: pre-conception preparation all tips for your dreamchild (Part 2)


The beginning of pre-conception preparation

Did you know where procreation takes place? The answer is just one-word research says that a man or a woman currently has sperm or testicles, at least a month’s diet and thoughts have a clear effect.

This means that both men and women should observe abstinence (celibacy) for at least one month before conception. “For a higher offspring, the mind should be extremely intoxicated and constantly thinking. The offspring born from such a cultured seed shakes the world.

In ancient times, special sacrifices were performed for procreation as well as penance. Numerous examples of this are present in our scriptures.

pre-conception preparation

Small mistake, lifelong grief

Surprisingly, Hindu culture is the only culture in which the date of conception is fixed, a few days before the marriage. This knowledge has been forgotten under the influence of modern culture.

Whether men and women work for pleasure is a personal matter. But when it comes to intercourse for procreation, it becomes a responsibility. If there is haste or stupidity in it, the result is terrible.

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pre-conception preparation

Pre-conception preparation events of ancient are as follows…


king dasharatha restrained from having children ashwamegh and putriptaperformed yagna lord ramachandra was expected.


King dilip and queen sudakshina performed penance in the ashram of harshi vashishta by drinking cow’s milk, so they gave birth to intelligent and pragmatic son raghu.


Lord Krishna and Rukmini had done such penance in gharik ashram for 15 yearsonly by eating bore, so they gave birth to a mighty and gave birth to a mighty and skilled son like pradhumna. Does today’s man make any such pre-preparation? Has he forgotten the tradition of his ancestors that he does not want he does not want the best offspring?

Fertilizer preparation tips

1. Even if you don’t do it regularly, decide on your regular routine for 6 months before you want to have children.  Make a rule of meditation, prayer, good thinking, ishvarachitan and yogasadhana.  Keep pure diet, vihar and thought.

2. If you are addicted, quit addiction completely for these 6 months.

3. Don’t forget the adventure of watching TV, movies, serials.

4. Try to control the vices you have during this time. E.g. If you have an angry nature, control your anger for that long.

5. Read the currently available books for prenatal preparation. Decide together with your spouse which child you want. And start trying with your body and mind to live such a life.

6. Men and women should be tested for hemoglobin, sugar,HIV, hepatitis,thyroid,cholesterol, thalaaaemia, etc., and have sonography and BP, etc. The body will be sick.  Then the seven mental will be deformed and the child will be born deformed.

If possible, talk to a person who knows ayurveda, get bile and phlegm balanced, (panchkarma) semen and menstruation should also be checked.

7. Remember…meditation on 6 months of pregnancy will definitely give you peace of mind for 20 years.

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Arsh ages of great men

Pramukhswami Maharaj

  • No one can do what a mother can do in the formation of children, the best child is born only if there is restraint in eating walking and thinking.
  • Mother eat whatever she wants, travels anywhere, watches movie serials etc. whatever, then where do the good ideas come from?  where do children get better? Improvement occurs in the seed, not in the tree.

Swami Vivekananda

  • What can we expect from a child who slips into a world of carelessness? If your children come without prayer, they are a curse to mankind.
  • Even if you go to thousands of schools, read millions of book, consult all the scholars of the world, but if you are at a higher level than all these.Hindu scriptures say pey attention to the rites before birth.

Sane Guruji

  • To give birth to a child is to make a statue of the god.

Best time for conception

According to the scriptures of Ayurveda, the sages used to ask the kings and maharajas to fix the date of birth of their offspring after a period of 6 months, purify both the husband and wife 6 month before that and conceive. That is why high children are born in the royal tradition.

Beatiful, strong, long-lived and parents-satisfying offspring are born by ceremonially conceiving a fetus with due regard to seed purification, proper timing, good mood, etc.

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Tips pre-conception preparation

According to Ayurveda, pre-conception preparation in sunrise, dusk and time are not suitable for intercourse. winter is the best time to conceive for fertility.

In addition amas, Poonam, atham, chaudash, Eclipse, Adhikamas, Shraddha, Sankrantikala(i.e. the period between two dates), as well as the time of entry of the sun from one zodiac to another are considered taboo.

On the eighth and fourteenth day, the effect of the moon on the woman is excessive, which leads to heterogeneity in semen and semen. This effects the health of the unborn child.

According to one opinion, in the best season, when both have a healthy body and mind, it is more appropriate to fertilize between 9 to 11 at night or 4 to 6 in the morning(Indian time).

Excellent mood tips for pre-conception preparation

  • Constantly keeping in view the high character and treat individuals during conception.
  • Praying constantly to god that ‘O Lord’! Do yoga to incarnate the best soul. So, that we can benefits the world through the best offspring.
  • Infinite souls are that conform to the parent’s thoughts enter the mother’s womb. Yes, a child’s destiny is in a sense made up of the thoughts of a parent.
  • Both men and women decide equally before conception. Then even during intercourse he constantly thinks what kind of son or daughter should I Give birth to? Don’t have sex without it. At the time of conception, it is very important not to have laziness, fatigue, mood off, mind lost in other thoughts etc. If the mind is disturbed at the time of intercourse, a handicapped child is born.

Tips for prayer-meditation

  • Constantly bring positive thoughts to mind. Good positive reading, melodious music, prayer, meditation and good friendships will help you to have these thoughts instinctively.
  • Try to stay away from people with negative thinking.
  • Continue to think of ideal offspring. For this, keep the photos of the person who has the qualities in the offspring in the house at home. When you meditate, look positive suggestions to yourself, as if you are constantly welcoming great men or great women.

Shloka to speak at the time of conception

”Om ahirasi, ayursi, sarvatah pratishtasi,

Dhata tya dadhatuvidhata tya dhatatu brahmavarchasa bhav itiya,,

brahma brihaspatirvishnu soma suryastathashvino ,

bhagoth mitravarnunau viran dadatu me sutam,,”

(meaning: O coming soul! God sends you full of the glory of divine knowledge. O gods of the whole universe! Give me a leroic and omnipotent child.)

If the verse is not understood or not spoken, then both of them should pray fervently to their adorable gods and goddesses for the best offspring of mind.

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