Garbh sanskar: during pregnancy(gharbhadhan) for dreamchild (part-3)

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Thousand of babies are born every day in this world. pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life. These moments are a priceless gift from god. The longing for motherhood is the best desire of every woman.

Thinkers say, ‘There is no other great degree in the world like motherhood’.

So, as a mother enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest and at the same time serve the ever-higher dream for the future baby.

Former US president Jone F. Kennedy said in a press interview, ” My mother was very strict in principles and ideals and softer than wax in practice. His immense affection has brought me to this place.

The evolution of the human brain

Why is pregnancy so important? So let’s get to the root of it, first let’s understand the gross evolution of the human brain according to the following figures.

  • During pregnancy: 80% growth
  • First 2.5 years: 10% growth
  • whole life after growth: 10% growth

Let’s think a little deeper

The brain is the first basis of human development and 90% of the brain is created during pregnancy (brain cells are formed). It is during this stage that new cell connections are formed. The more education he receives at the time of creation connection of these cells, the more fruitful he becomes.

Scientists say: 2.5 million neurns are formed in 1 minute in the fetus. so the more care is taken during this stage the more offspring develop and the more careless the loss.

Swami Vivekananda says: The past belonged to strong men, but the future will belong to a spiritual women.

For nine months the responsibility of the mother becomes more than that of the father. So the mother can make the impossible possible if she assumes. Can create miracles.

A pregnant mother is called ‘Dohad’. That is one body has two hearts and two souls at this time. What a wonderful creation of God! Everything is created by the mother’s blood and mind.

Some tips

After knowing all this, would you give 1 hour a day as a mother? As a father, would you give 10 minutes a day to take care of your unborn child? One hour to give now will bring peace in the next 100 years. The decision is in your hands. Don’t get me wrong.

High dream tips


You too can see such a high deam need. Your child can also be a great human being who created a revolution in the world. If this happens then you will be able to enjoy the natural pain of pregnancy.

Remember: Motherhood  is the most valuable stage of a woman’s life. E ven the incarnations and the gods and goddesses have accepted to stay in the mother’s womb for 6 months. Men never get this good fortune.

The wonder of the subconscious mind

Our mind works in two parts. One is the conscious mind which is at work when we are awake. The other is the subconscious mind, which works like a magic lamp and stays active for 8 hours. The concios mind contributes 10% and the subconscious mind contributes 90% to human life.

Often the best thought has an amazing effect on the whole body. With extreme intensity, longing, intoxication, a woman often thinks clearly about what kind of child she wants?

From the body-from the mind-from the intellect-from the heart-from the soul, then it remains a fact. Oops! If the subconscious mind is cultivated, the structure of the chromosome can also be altered. This fact is 100% accepted by modern science.

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Important of reading during pregnancy

Research says… As is read in pregnancy, a like-minded child incarnates. ‘Good and excellent reading is the need of today’s age. People today spend more on their internal development than ever before.

Personality development seminars, and management gurus abound today.  If such qualities are to be described in a child, then the best reading in pregnancy is necessary.

Sacraments of satsang

The atmosphere has a profound effect on our minds. When we enter a unique feeling. The mind becomes calmer and supernatural bliss is felt.

Even though we have photos of many good-natured experiences in our minds, if it is from such a feeling, then what if such a feeling is made during pregnancy or when the brain of a small child is formed?

Life is incomplete without religion

Many modernists say: It is not proper to raise a child on the path of bhajan-bhakti-Satsang from childhood. But in fact, the fact the definition of a so-called ‘devotee’ is not well understood. If the child becomes a believer in God, he will learn to remain steadfast in happiness and sorrow.

He will learn to live a happy and peaceful life in any difficult situation in the world. Without Satsang, who can give him such understanding stability and joy? Therefore, after checking the history of the world, every parent should understand the full glory of Satsang. And the full sacraments of dharma-spirituality should be installed in the child from the womb.

Music effects during pregnancy(garbh dhan)

Research says… Scientists in the west are doing in depth research on the effect of music on the fetus. There findings show that the fetus can clearly hear and react after 6 months

An unborn baby can also understand the difference between the voice of its mother and that of a stranger. The baby’s first language instruction is in the womb. In the beginning, knowledge of the mother tongue is further enhanced through songs. The more the song is sung, the stronger the effect.

Music tips 

Make a separate CD by choosing light-sweet music and favorite hymns during pregnancy. Pregnant sisters especially in the morning or evening.

Listen especially to sanskrit verse. This proves that the baby’s accent beaomes clearer. It is also beneficial to listen to verses sung with rhythm in a melodious voice. Modern research says that rock music has a detrimental effects on the fetus.

The need for concentration and creativity

As Swami Vivekananda says,  Success requires:50% masculinity and 40% concentration.

Research says that try to concentrate during pregnancy on the art qualities you want to see in the offspring. So when a child is born, some of those qualities will definitely appear.

An Australian couple had 3 children. He was an expert in every different field. Because the father had to change 4 professions during the birth of the children. Due to the financial crisis, his wife took a keen interest in the business he was doing and as a result his children were severely affected.

Art surgeon Tips

Art creation will instill in thechild an artistic quality and a happy disposition. If you are fond of painting, then itis advisable to draw miniature-style pictures of Rajasthan.

It requires a lot of concentration due to its natural beauty and fine texture.Knitting, making small dolls, glass painting, wall painting, pottery etc. also benefits from the activity.

Solving various puzzles requires a lot of concentration. Thus the child develops the quality of reasoning. The baby chuckles. Just need immersion. (Note: Doing the above artwork is not 100% expected. The activity should be done with concentration, it should be done with interest, it is a necessary point.)

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The wonder of positive programming

Alfed Tomatis, a researcher on embryology, says that the ear is not a means of hearing. The fetus is an excellent source of energy for brain development. The fetus that develops the most sense organs is the functional organ. That is why the sounds heard by the fetus during pregnancy are very important.

That is why a loving conversation between a mother and a father with a fetus creates a sense of security. Which becomes a foundation of confidence for him. This process is called ‘positive programming’.

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The surprising effect of positive suggestions

Occasion: 1

Napoleon Hill, an American author, has written a book called think and grow rich. In it he cites an interesting case of his own. Napoleon Hill’s wife was pregnant. The doctors then did a sonography and said that the baby would be born without a sense of hearing and would not be able to hear.

Napoleon Hill challenged this. He started giving constant positive suggestions to the fetus. Constantly rolling his hands over his pregnant wife’s stomach, he uttered words, son! You will come into this world and hear a lot. Your ears will be perfectly healthy and able to hear.

After 6 months, her baby was bornwith an underdeveloped eardrum, but due to the positive suggestion of pregnancy and after birth, he became 100% listening.

Occasion: 2

Dr. who has done 30 yreas of in-depth research on fetal culture. Thomas verney writes: ”I went out with friends in 19. At one point we rented a room. There I saw a pregnant landlord named Helen sitting in a secluded place every night and singing lullabies. i wonder if this will affect the child?”

But when helen gave birth to a son, Helen said,”It has a profound effect on the baby. No matter how much the baby cries, let me start the lullabu and it calms down immediately.

Tips on positive suggestions (fetal dialogue)

First decide what qualities you want in your offspring. Then resolve that these qualities must come into my offspring. Keep putting your hands on the baby’s stomach, keeping your eyes closed and giving these positive suggestions, like ‘Hey my baby!

We are ready to welcome you into this world. You will be the best and will shine our name in the whole society. And we enjoy it. It is said that children prepared in this way never leave their parents.


Pranayama and Yogasana, if done under guidance of an expert, prove to be very useful for the health of the fetus and the mother.

There are many type of asanas and pranayama and not all of them can be done in pregnancy. The mother needs more oxyger during pregnancy. Therefore, the child develops well by satisfying that need through light asanas and pranayama. Such a child’s immune system is greatly enhanced.

Research says…

Pranayama, Yogasana relieves anxiety during pregnancy due to problems(stomach enlargement, breast enlargement, swelling in the legs, sudden omission, frequent urination). Which is very necessary for the child to be born.

Regular pranayama does not cause many difficulties during childbirth. This is empirical.

Occasion: 1

This is a recent event. A 2 year old child was doing pranayama in swami ramdevji maharaj’s camp! surprised, the swami asked his mother how this child had learned pranayama.

Her mother replied that she used to do anulom-vilom pranayama during pregnancy. It had a profound effect on her child and their child was one year old, where he ended up doing pranayama.

The whole world today benefits from the knowledge and yoga practices imparted by the sages of India, so why should we remain empty?

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Intelligent child

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The Vedic knowledge of detailed rites has been prevalent in India for at least 10,000 years. It has been in existence in the west for 15 years in a scientific manner for the masses. But in this mystery, they are doing so much research that they have implemented the concept up to ‘super child’. A large number of parents abroad take the information of the fetus with interest and strictly implement it.

In some places abroad special schools have been set up for pregnant woman. Strive to survive in a competitive world. It is said that it is too late to nurture a child after birth or from KG.

Occasion: 1 (A small living computer)

1905 Born in the united states, Zara Colborn, a year-old boy, became famous for her unique skills. Everyone was amazed at his extraordinary intelligence. The reason was that such a small child could do the addition, subtrection or multiplication of a 5 digit in sum seconds.

Professors at Harvard University once tested it and asked the question: What are hour of 661015 days? He asked immediately replied 15864360. Another question asked: What is the second of 11 years? He repliy as ifpopping up 346896000. He answered many such questions. Not only that sometime he answers faster than a calculator.

Surprisingly, this child did not take any formal math training. But when he was in his mother’s womb, his mother was involved in the textile business. And he had to count the small pieces from the big takes. Considering the calculation o inches, she had to struggle a lot in pregnancy. This affected the child and his mathematical ability multiplied at an early age.

Tips on intelligent offspring

Play brainstorming puzzles and reasoning games during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother should spend 10 to 15 minutes a day solving math puzzles. Even if you get mentally tired, if you feel like giving up, then 15 minutes should be allotted for this.

The game of chess will also be very useful in pregnancy. How to win with constant awareness? His sacrament will be by playing this game.

If you are pregnant and want to be a good mother in coming time then read the information carefully and if you like then apply in your life, click here to read further

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