Garbh sanskar : the process of educating the mind of unborn baby(Part 1)

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Everything you need to know about your baby during pregnancy, delivery and until your baby is two years old. Ancient scriptures and Ayurveda give instructions on diet, yoga and regular body care for pregnant women as well as reading material and listening to music and this is called Garbhasanskar. So let us tell you in detail about Garbh Sanskar and its benefits today.

Garbh sanskar meaning

The word garbh in sanskrit refers to foetus in the womb, and sanskar means education of the mind. so, garbhasanskar translates into the process of educating the mind of unborn baby.

What is garbh sanskar ?

Every parent wants the best for their child. A healthy pregnancy is essential to stay healthy even after the baby is born. Garbhasanskar has gained popularity as a contribution to the mental and physical development of the baby.

Garbhasanskar has been written about in ancient scriptures and it has also been included in Ayurveda. The word Garbh in Sanskrit refers to the fetus in the womb, and Sanskar means education of the mind.

So, Garbh Sanskar means the process of educating the mind of the unborn child.

It is traditionally believed that the child’s mental and behavioral development begins in the womb as he is influenced by the emotional state of the mother.


This practice has been a part of Hindu tradition since time immemorial and if seen, for example, the Garbh sanskar had a very positive effect on mythological characters like Abhimanyu, Ashtakra and Prahlad, as it has been clarified in the stories that they lived with their mother. They had come after acquiring knowledge from the womb itself.

Garbhasanskar is believed to benefit the child, rather it is not focused on the child alone. These practices ensure that the mother remains healthy and has a positive state of mind. Pregnant women are motivated to make changes in diet and lifestyle through the practice of Garbhasanskar.

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When to start Garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is not just about the care to be taken during pregnancy, but about starting preparations at least one year before conception. ‘Garbh Sanskar’ is not just related to conception and pregnancy but it also includes the stage of breastfeeding, the parents have to follow till the child is around 2 years of age.

The foundation of human life: Garbh sanskar

Where do children grow up?

One sister asked francis parker, a well-known educator and father of progressive education in Chicago,”Iwwant to educate and nurture my child, so when should I start?”

Parker asked, “when will your child be born?” The sister replied, “will you be born?…He is five years old.” Parker said,” sister , go straight some without wasting time asking questions. Are you five years late?’ ”

If a philosopher were to ask the same question to Aeistotle, he would surely say,” you are five years and nine months late.” Bacause 2300 years ago they knew about eugenics.

Our vedic culture say 10 thousand, ‘the rites of the clan are passed down from generation to generation. For that, at least since the desire to become a parent, the karma of nurturing the coming child begins. In short, the best child is to be born after conception.

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The fruit of mother’s penance and prayer

Mother bhuvaneshwari devi to lord shiva prayed. His desire was to perform penance in kashi, the land of shiva, but he was far away. He told his foi while living in kashi that he should pray to shivaji every day and on the other hand he should fast at home. He believed that by keeping this fast for one year, with the blessing of god, a son would be born.

One night he had a dream that shivaji had taken the form of a child and he would be born there. Then bhuvanashwari devi gave birth to a son. His name ie narendra, who became SWAMI VIVEKANAND and became famous all over the world.

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The song of garbh sanskar

The first birth date of a child, not the day the child is born, among the Dagra people of Africa. Not even the the day the day the mother wishes to give birth to a child, is counted from the day the woman becomes self-sufficient, the day she sits under a tree away from home and listens to nursery rhymes in her mind. Try means trying to construct. In which there is a description of what kind of child he wants. Only when the song is composed does the woman get up from under the tree and come home.

The woman then recites and teaches this nursery rhyme to her partner. They then invite the baby into the womb by singing nursery rhymes with body-mind-soul while making physical effort. During pregnancy, a woman sings this song to bathe the baby in feelings of joy, love and warmth. this song is taught to midwives and village elders during childbirth. They greet the baby with this song during childbirth.

This song is sung to the child when he grows up and falls while playing, this song is sung on the occasion of his life. He is big farewell by this song at the time of this death. “What a wonderful idea…

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