Gelatin : nutrition , shocking 5 medical uses

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Gelatin Nutritional Profile

• Energy value (calories per serving): Low
• Protein: Low
• Fat: Low
• Saturated fat: Low
• Cholesterol: Low
• Carbohydrates: None
• Fiber: None
• Sodium: Low
• Major vitamin contribution: None
• Major mineral contribution: None

Gelatin Nutrients in Food

• Although gelatin is made from the collagen (connective tissue) of cattle hides and bones or pig skin, its proteins are limited in the essential acid tryptophan, which is destroyed when the bones and skin are treated with acid, and is deficient in several others, including lysine.

• In fact, gelatin’s proteins are of such poor quality that, unlike other foods of animal origin (meat, milk), gelatin cannot sustain life.

• Laboratory rats fed a diet in which this food was the primary protein did not grow as they should; half died
within 48 days, even though this food was supplemented with some of the essential amino acids.

• Plain gelatin has no carbohydrates and fiber. It is low in fat. Flavored gelatin desserts, however, are high in carbohydrates because of the added sugar.

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How To Serve Nutritious This Food

• With a protein food rich in complete proteins. This food desserts whipped with milk fit the bill.

Diets That May Restrict or Exclude This Food

• Low-carbohydrate diet (this food dessert prepared with sugar)
• Low-sodium diet (commercial food powders)
• Sucrose-free diet (this food dessert prepared with sugar)

How To Buying This Food

Look for:

Tightly sealed, clean boxes.

How To Storing This Food

• Store gelatin boxes in a cool, dry cabinet.

How To Preparing This Food

• Commercial unflavored gelatin comes in premeasured 1-tablespoon packets. One tablespoon of this food will thicken about two cups of water. To combine the this food and water, first heat ¾ cup water to boiling.

• While it is heating, add the gelatin to ¼ cup cold liquid and let it absorb moisture until it is translucent. Then add the boiling water. (Flavored fruit this food can be dissolved directly in hot water.)


What Happens When You Cook This Food

• When you mix this food with hot water, its protein molecules create a network that stiffens into a stable, solid gel as it squeezes out moisture. The longer the gel sits, the more intermolecular bonds it forms, the more moisture it loses and the firmer it becomes.

• A day-old gel is much firmer than one you’ve just made. This food is used as a thickener in prepared foods and can be used at home to thicken sauces.

• Flavored food dessert powders have less stiffening power than plain gelatin because some of their protein has been replaced by sugar. To build a layered gelatin mold, let each layer harden before you add the next.

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Amazing Medical Uses and/or Benefits 

Benefits for weight loss

Consumption of this food can be helpful for reducing weight. Actually, a good amount of protein is found in it. According to a Brazilian research center, protein is not easily digested and its consumption also reduces appetite. This reduces the desire to eat and drink anything all the time, due to which the process of weight gain stops and gradually the weight starts decreasing.

Not only can weight control be controlled by the consumption of this food, but with its help it can also help in reducing weight. For joint pain (osteoarthritis)Can you believe that this food used in jellies and other foods is also effective for relieving joint pain? Probably not, but it is true.

According to research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the collagen found in this food can prove to be helpful in the treatment of osteoporosis as well as joint pain.

Benefits to reduce diabetes

The problem of diabetes has become very common and people keep on taking various measures for its treatment. Let us tell you that according to a research published in NIH (National Institute of Health), omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in gelatin obtained from fish.

It can be beneficial to some extent in controlling type-2 diabetes by increasing the activation of insulin along with many problems. Also, keep in mind that if someone is suffering from diabetes, then he should use home remedies only on the advice of the doctor and do not stop taking the medicine.

For nail growth

If there is a problem with the development of nails like thinning, weakening and lifeless nails, then gelatin can be beneficial in getting rid of these problems.

According to a research conducted by the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the amino acids found in it can not only aid in the growth of nails, but it can also help you overcome many nail problems.

Benefits of gelatin for teeth

Along with healthy teeth, gelatin can also be beneficial in protecting against dental problems like cavities. According to the USDA, gelatin contains a good amount of protein.

At the same time, according to a research published in NCBI, protein has been considered beneficial for removing many diseases of teeth. Not only does it protect teeth from cavities, but it can also prevent tooth enamel from getting damaged due to decay and bacteria.

For this reason it can be said that the use of gelatin can prove beneficial for the teeth.


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