Hourglass figure for woman

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Hourglass figure exercises for women 

Everyone desires a fit body. Women are more enthusiastic about their beauty and fitness. For this, she keeps trying all kinds of remedies. Dieting, gym, exercise, etc., in whatever way hourglass figure can come in perfect shape, she is ready to take every measure for this. In such a situation, there are some such measures that can easily help them in this work. By regular practice of some easy exercises, women can bring their bodies to a perfect hourglass figure. So let’s know what those exercises are

Push-ups –

Hourglass figure

By doing push-ups daily, the whole body of women gets shape. Apart from this, their shoulders and chest also get strength. By doing regular push-ups, the breasts of women also come in shape.

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Naukasana –

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To do Naukasana, lie on your back and raise your head, legs, and whole body at 30 degrees. In this case, your hands should be on your thigh. Breathe in and out slowly. Then while exhaling deeply, bring the body down. By doing this asana, the fat of the abdomen, thigh and buttocks can be reduced.

Side Plank –

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First of all, in the side plank, you have to rest the whole part of your body on your right hand and feet. Then the same action has to be done with the other hand and foot. By doing this, different parts of your body are affected and pat burns fast. This strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, chest, and abdomen. This is the best exercise for a good figure.

Swimming –

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Swimming is a great exercise for better fitness. This gives exercise to the whole body. Swimming strengthens bones and relieves stress.

Bhujangasana –

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By doing Bhujangasana, the belly fat is reduced and the waist is thin. The shoulders are broad and the body becomes flexible. To do this, first lie down on your stomach and then place your hands under the forehead. Now slowly raise the forehead. Keeping the hands parallel to the shoulders, raise the front part of the body.

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