Shocking 7 Tips For Control Your Calories

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Best ideas for control your calories

As a country, we eat less fat than we used to, but we’re more overweight thanever. How come? Because people don’t pay enough attention to control your calories. Thereality is, if you eat more calories than your body consumes, you’re going togain weight. If your nutrition analysis or simply the fit of your jeans indicates that you’re eating too much, use the strategies in this section to keepyour calories under control.

Just make sure you don’t drop your calorie intaketoo low, especially if you exercise regularly. If you drastically cut calories particularly if you drop below 1,200 your body will think it’s being starvedand will compensate by hanging on to the few calories that you do eat.

Start with small portions :-

You don’t need to model your dinner plate after the Eiffel Tower. You can always go back for more. Also, buy single serving packages of snack foods. You’re less likely to keep eating if youhave to rip open a whole new bag of chips than if you have your handburied in a bargain-sized package.

Don’t confuse fat-free with calorie-free :-

Many fat-free foods are plentyhigh in calories because they make up for the lost fat by adding sugar.One Reduced-Fat Chips Ahoy! cookie has 50 calories, while a regularChips Ahoy! has 53. Not exactly major savings.

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Don’t deprive yourself :-

If you lust after a slice of chocolate cake, eat asmall piece; otherwise you’ll end up inhaling an entire cake tomorrow.

Eat slowly:-

control your calories
control your calories

Utter at least one complete sentence between bites or chew 32 times before taking another spoonful. Many people eat so fast that they don’t taste anything and then rush back for seconds. Give your body a chance to feel full.

Go easy on the booze:-

Alcohol stimulates your appetite and weakens your reserve. This combination can lead to some serious overeating.Instead of drinking before a meal, drink while you eat.

Stop when you’re satisfied:-

Eat half of what’s on your plate and then take a ten-minute break and assess whether you’re still hungry. People ofteneat for reasons other than hunger, such as depression and exhaustion.Make sure that you’re eating for the right reasons.

Eat regular meals:-

Skipping meals sets you up for losing control and overeating. You’re less likely to pig out if you avoid becoming a ravenous monster in the first place


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