best 10 most beautiful and romantic honeymoon places in India

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 If you have planned a honeymoon or not, then choose honeymoon destination

honeymoon places
honeymoon places

Social customs, chaotic routine, wedding rush, honeymoon is very important and important in the life of any married couple. Actually, this is the time where the husband and wife get time to get to know each other and relax after a long exhaustion.

In fact, honeymoon is also important for creating pleasant and sweet memories for future life so that the responsibilities that come with the help of them can be fulfilled happily. If you have not planned or are planning your honeymoon, then we help you in the choice of honeymoon destination. Here are some famous honeymoon destinations of India

1. Goa


In Goa, one of India’s most favorite honeymoon destinations, you will find many couples holding each other’s hands. Anyway, the specialty of Goa is bikini, babes and beaches. In such a situation, the handsome beaches of your partner, the beautiful weather, the cashew fenny of cashew and the fun of the best night life is something else. Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Bagatore Beach, Sinkarian Beach, Palolem Beach and Miramar Beach are prominent among Goa’s long list of beautiful and spectacular beaches.

When there is water around, in such a situation, the fun of water games and river cruise will not only erase all the tiredness of the wedding, but it will be helpful for couples to have fun and understand each other. If you want, you can also enjoy candle light dinner and dancing on the cruise. A spontaneous and free life along with the natural beauty of Goa will add romance to your honeymoon.

2. Manali


Manali is one of the most suitable destinations for honeymoon. Surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful flower gardens, cloud -touching mountains with waterfalls, waterfalls filled with natural beauty, Manali is a spectacular and attractive honeymoon spot for newlyweds. In the Kullu valley, the plains of Manali are unique, where white sheets of snow are spread all over the region during the winter season.

Vashistha, a village about 4 kilometers from the Mall Road in Manali, has glasses of cold and hot water, where the water refreshes you by eradicating travel. By the way, the main attraction of Manali is Rohtang Pass, where thousands of tourists from far and wide reach to enjoy snowfall here during the snow season between October and February.

Also, there is a crowd of tourists in the Nehru Kund, a natural spring on the Rohtang road. The beauty of Manali is incomplete without mention of Solang Valley.The Solang Valley, located about 13 kilometers from Manali, offers unsurpassed views of snow and glaciers. Also, tourists enjoy skiing a lot on the slopes here. Skiing in Manali is famous for rafting and paragliding.

Actually, Manali is not only able to keep tourists captivated due to the natural scenery, but it can also enjoy many adventurous activities here, such as Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department offers fish hunting in Larji, Cuttrain and Kasaul, while Rohtang. – Tourists can enjoy mountain biking in LA. Rafting can be enjoyed in the Beas river from May to mid-June and from September to mid-October.

3. Mount Abu

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Just as Kashmir is called the paradise on earth, Mount Abu is called the ‘Paradise of Rajasthan’. Nestled on the Nilgiri hills, the geographical location, atmosphere and natural beauty of Mount Abu is completely different and captivating from other cities of Rajasthan.

The Nakki Lake here is an excellent tourist destination. Nakki here means fingernail. Actually, there is a belief about this lake that a Hindu god made this lake by digging with his fingernails. Hence it is known as ‘Nakki’. Beautiful view of greenery and hills around Nakki Lake is made. Located in the southwestern part of the lake, the sunset point of view of the sun is very attractive to the mind.

At sunset, the hue of changing colors of the sky looks very unique and beautiful, as well as the view of the lush green plains far away from here makes the eyes very relaxed. The view looks very beautiful. Sailing can also be enjoyed in this lake. Mount Abu also has a wildlife sanctuary, where mainly leopards, slothbears, wild burr, sambar, chinkara and langur are found.

Not only this, more than 200 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants and vegetation can be seen here. This is the most suitable place for those interested in birds. Apart from this, the Achalgarh Fort at Mount Abu is also worth seeing, which was built by King Rana Kumbha of Mewar on top of a hill.

Guru Shikhar of Mount Abu is the most beautiful and attractive place, which is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range. A temple is situated on the top of the mountain, where divinity and peace touches the mind. This temple is dedicated to Dattatreya, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Looking around from Guru Shikhar, the blue sky and the surrounding view looks very beautiful.

4. Darjeeling

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Popularly known as ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling has always been a great honeymoon destination. Once a part of Sikkim, the biggest feature of this hill station is its tea gardens. Green tea fields spread far and wide as if a green sheet is lying on the earth.

Darjeeling was once famous for its spices but now it is known globally for tea. Each tea garden located here has its own history and its own specialty. Tea is exported all over the world from the beautiful and lush tea gardens here, but the beauty of this magnificent hill station in West Bengal is not just its tea gardens but its attractions are also very attractive.

Beautiful mountains covered with snow, deodar forests, natural beauty, waterfalls every now and then attracts everyone. It is because of its beauty that it has been called ‘Queen of the mountains’ and it is counted among the famous and beautiful hill stations around the world.

The journey to Darjeeling begins with the famous toy train, which passes through the hills and beautiful plains. During its visit, the beautiful views of the confluence of tea plantations, cedar forests, Teesta and Rangit rivers attract the attention of tourists. The train rotates circularly while passing through the Bathsia Loop and passengers can see hills in a 180 degree extension.

There is also Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park in Darjeeling, where many rare species of animals, animals and birds including red panda and black bear can be seen. Tourists can also enjoy seeing Siberian tigers and Tibetan wolves here. Darjeeling also has a colorful Valley Passenger ropeway, which is the first passenger ropeway in the country.

5. Srinagar

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Srinagar, located in the Kashmir Valley, is one of the main tourist destinations in India and has always been an ideal destination for honeymoon. Nestled at an altitude of 1,700 meters, this city is particularly known for lakes and houseboats. There are many beautiful boats floating on the Dal Lake equipped with lotus flowers called houseboats.

Actually, the biggest attraction of Srinagar is the Dal Lake here, where from morning to evening, it looks amazing. From the morning to the beautiful evening, every part of the day shows some different color of the beauty of this lake. Even the reflection of the sparkling lights of the houseboat after sunset doubles the beauty of the lake. If you want to stay in a houseboat in a very quiet environment away from the crowds, then you can stay in a houseboat standing on Nagin Lake or Jhelum River.

Nagin lake is also a beautiful and small lake of Kashmir. Generally, foreign tourists prefer to stay here. After the beautiful lake comes the attractive gardens. The Mughal garden present here has been prepared in such a fine and well planned manner that the garden love of the Mughals is still reflected here as its beauty. Apart from this, the journey to Srinagar seems incomplete without seeing many important gardens like Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh. Apart from the poplar trees in these gardens, there are other shady trees.

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6. Andaman and Nicobar

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If you have a special attachment with water, then Andaman Nicobar Island will be right for you. The Andaman -Nicobar Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal and adjacent to the Indian Ocean waters, is actually a large cluster of more than 300 beautiful islands and islets, where emerald and coral reefs are also present. There are beautiful white sand beaches, where the tall coconut trees in the queue on the banks of the water are quite attractive.

Corbins Cove Beach, Chiraya Island, Viper Island, Ross Island, Karamtang Beach, Redskin Island, Neil Island, Havelock Island, Harminder Bay Beach, Chidiya Tapu (Bird Watching) etc. are considered as special attractions of the tourists. Clear water of the vast sea away from the crowds of people will force you to do sports here. If you wish, you can also enjoy sun bath, water sports and seafood.

7. Shimla


If you have very less time, then Shimla can prove to be the most suitable honeymoon destination for you. Surrounded by houses and fields built on hill slopes, forests of deodar, pine and maju, Shimla looks very attractive.

One of the most beautiful hill stations in the country, Shimla is also known as the city of 7 hills. Passing through tunnels and lush green hills, the journey from Kalka to Shimla by a toy train is very enjoyable and exciting. Mall Road is quite famous in Shimla, where many shopping centers and restaurants are present.

Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy exciting activities like trekking and hiking here. Kufri is a small hill station near Shimla, which is very famous for winter sports. Every year from January to March, due to the winter season, you can enjoy skiing on snow here.

8. Kerala


Kerala is beautifully groomed by nature, so Kerala is the most suitable place for honeymoon. Boat rides, lush greenery and very beautiful views from among the high mountains, magnificent beaches, clumps of coconut and palm trees – these are the true identity of Kerala’s beauty. In these romantic scenes, the heartbeat of the loving hearts is bound to increase.

If you have a special attachment with the sea shore, then Chuara Beach, Kovalam Beach, Marudeshwar Beach, Bekal Beach, Varkala Beach and Shanmugham Beach will be right for you. If you want to enjoy a hill station, then you can choose from any of the beautiful hill areas like Munnar, Perimed, Idduki, Lakkadi, Devikulam in Kerala. Especially Munnar is very famous not only among the country but also among foreign tourists.

9. Ooty

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Ooty is included in the most beautiful, quiet and pollution-free hill stations of the country. Due to this specialty of Ooty, many films are shot here. Beautiful Nilgiri hills, greenery all around, very attractive lakes, beautiful views of nature ie perfect perfect honeymoon.

If you want, you can enjoy boating in the lake with your partner or you can take a walk in the arms in the garden adorned with flowers, and if you want to sit at a height at one place and straddle each other on the shoulders of nature. You can enjoy beautiful views. There is a lot to see in Ooty, such as Dodabetta Peak, Kalahatti Water Falls, Kotagiri, Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary etc. Kalahatti Waterfalls is about 14 kilometers from here, which is quite beautiful and attractive.

10. Dalhousie


Dalhousie Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful and spectacular honeymoon destinations. This city, situated on 5 mountains, is spread over 14 square kilometers. Since the city of Dalhousie is named after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie, you can easily get a glimpse of British architecture British here.

With the beautiful river Ravi flowing in the area surrounded by mountains and this beautiful view, many more interesting views of nature will be found here. Adorable views passing through pine trees, high mountains and lush green hills, you will not forget the memories of this beautiful and magnificent journey of nature.


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