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Due to wrong eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, fat starts to accumulate around the face and neck.

Due to this the skin under the chin appears hanging, which is called a double chin.

Due to the loosening of the muscles under the chin, it spoils the shape of the face, due to which its jaw-line does not look good.

But by doing some special exercises, you can get rid of this problem, let’s find out.

Oo-ee exercise

This exercise is quite easy, because to do this exercise, you just have to sit up straight and say oo-ee. Pronouncing oo-ee will cause your muscles to stretch, causing you to get a jawline on your face.

Boll exercise


To do this exercise, you take a light football. Then place this ball under your chin and press your chin down. Maintain this position for about three minutes. By doing this you will soon get the perfect jawline on your face.

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Mouth exercises

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If you want a perfect jawline on your face, then do this exercise regularly for at least two months. This exercise is like teasing someone. This exercise puts pressure on your lips and cheeks, due to which you will feel a stretch on the cheeks and lips.

To do this exercise, first, pull your lip towards the right and then towards the left. Repeat this exercise about ten times. Do this mouth exercise regularly for at least two months. With this, you will soon see a change in your face.

Chin Press With Hand Exercise

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This exercise is the easiest and most effective way to reduce double chin. To do this exercise, first, sit on a chair and on the ground. Then place both your hands under the chin.

Keep in mind that your palm and forearm should touch each other. After that open your mouth. By doing this exercise, your jaw muscles will stretch and they will start tightening.

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