Raisins : nutrition, shocking benefits & 10 tips

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Raisins Nutritional Profile

• Energy value (calories per serving): High
• Protein: Low
• Fat: Low
• Saturated fat: Low
• Cholesterol: None
• Carbohydrates: High
• Fiber: Very high
• Sodium: Low (fresh or dried fruit)
High (dried fruit treated with sodium sulfur compounds)
• Major vitamin contribution: B vitamins
• Major mineral contribution: Iron, potassium

How Many Nutrients in Raisins Food

• Raisins are dried grapes. Raisins with seeds big enough to see or feel with your tongue are dried Muscat grapes. Raisins whose seeds are barely per- ceptible are dried Thompson grapes. Raisins with no seeds at all are dried sultana grapes. “Currants” are dried, dark-skinned black Corinth grapes.

• All raisins are high-carbohydrate food, rich in sugars, with moderate amounts of dietary fiber (insoluble cellulose and lignin in the skin; soluble pectins in the fruit) and small amounts of vitamin C and nonheme iron, the inorganic form of iron found in plant foods.

• One 1.5-ounce serving of seedless raisins has 1.6 g dietary fiber, 1 mg vitamin C (less than 1 percent of the RDA for either a woman or a man), and 0.8 mg iron (4 percent of the RDA for a woman, 10 percent of the RDA for a man).

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How To Serve Nutritious Raisins Food

• With meat or with a food rich in vitamin C. Nonheme iron is five times less available to the body than heme iron, the organic form of iron found in meat, fish, poultry, milk, and eggs.

• Eating raisins with meat or vitamin C increases the amount you absorb because meat increase the secretion of stomach acid (iron is more easily absorbed in an acid environment), while vitamin C may change iron from ferric iron (which is hard for your body to absorb) to ferrous iron (which your body absorbs more easily).

Diets That May Restrict or Exclude Raisins Food

• Low-fiber diet
• Low-carbohydrate diet

How To Buying This Food

Look for:

Tightly sealed packages that protect the raisins from air (which will make them dry and hard) and insects.

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How To Storing This Food

• Store sealed packages of raisins in a cool, dark cabinet, where they may stay fresh for as long as a year. Once the package is opened, the raisins should be stored in an air- and moisture proof container at room temperature and used within a few months. Check periodically for
mold or insect infestation.

How To Preparing This Food

• To use raisins in a bread or cake, “plump” them first by soaking them in water (or wine, rum, or brandy for a fruit cake) for about 15 minutes. Otherwise the food will be hard and dry when the cake or bread is baked.

What Happens When You Cook Food

• If you cook this food in water, their pectins and gum will dissolve and this food will soften. They will also absorb liquids and swell up. Cook them long enough and the water will leak out again, allowing the food to collapse.


Medical Uses and/or Benefits

Iron supplementation.

See About the nutrients in this food, above.

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Adverse Reactions Associated with Food

Sulfite allergies.

To keep light grapes from drying to a dark brown color the grapes are treated with sulfites such as sulfur dioxide. People who are sensitive to sulfite may experience serious allergic reactions, including potentially fatal anaphylactic shock, if they eat raisins treated with sulfites.

Food/Drug Interactions Food

MAO inhibitors.

Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors are drugs used as antidepressants or antihypertensives. They inhibit the action of natural enzymes that break down tyramine so that it can be eliminated from the body.

• Tyramine is a pressor amine, a chemical that constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Tyramine, a natural by-product of protein metabolism, occurs naturally in many foods, particularly fermented or aged foods.

• If you eat a food rich in tyramine while you are taking an MAO inhibitor, the pressor amines cannot be efficiently eliminated from your body and the result may be a hypertensive crisis (sustained elevated blood pressure). There has been one report of an adverse side effect (severe headache) in a patient who ate two small packages of dark raisins while using an MAO inhibitor.


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