Routine life 40 shocking health facts you doesn’t know

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How to preparing perfect routine life

1. In routine two bananas have the energy to do rigorous exercise for 90 minutes. Bananas are also called a fruit that gives happiness.

2. People who are blushing quickly are more kind and reliable.

3. Sleeping next to those you love not only reduces depression but also increases your age. You fall asleep quickly and you fall asleep deeply.

4. Our brain has the ability to remember bad memories more than good memories.

5. Left-handed people tend to work more quickly in computer games and games than people with right-handers.

6. If your headphones are used for just one hour, then bacteria in your ears grow 700 times more.

7. If you are calling for help, then select some people, especially those who have worn red shirts. This will make those people realize the responsibility and increase your chances of getting help.

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8. Your length usually goes to your father while mind capacity, emotional strength and body texture go to the mother.

9. Talking to yourself while working is less distracting.

10. Taking a 10-minute break after 30 to 35 minutes of study is the most effective way to remember what you read.

11. People who sleep on the left side are more likely to have frightening dreams than those who sleep on the right side.

12. People with dark eyes are better at playing and people with light eyes are effective in planning.

13. Less sleep increases the chances of the brain remembering things incorrectly.

14. To avoid the desire of itching caused by mosquito bite, keep a hot spoon on the cut area, this will end the effect of protein that causes itching.

15. 64 percent of Americans consider ‘sense of humor’ as the most important attribute in the success of a relationship.

16. The longest cave in the world is in Vietnam. It is so long that it has a river forest and atmosphere.

17. If there are 20 people in a room, then there is a 50 percent chance that the date of birth of any two will be the same.

18. If you use your hands more while talking, then you are more talented and confident.

19. Touching money can reduce pain and socially aloneness also decreases.

20. Your body needs sleep. Waking up for 2 consecutive weeks can kill you. On the next page, why your weight increases .


21. Your friends are your needs. Being with them increases your body’s capacity by 75 percent.

22. People who feel happy to help others have longer lifespan and have less mental pressure.

23. If you have difficulty making a decision, toss a coin into the air. You do not have to take a decision on its outcome, but when the coin is in the air, you will understand what you really want.

24. When you are happy you enjoy the melody of the song and if you are sad you understand the words of the song.

25. It takes a full 6 months for the nail to grow from the initial part to the last. 26. If you sleep less then your chances of gaining weight increases.

27. If you search the word ‘Tilt’ in Google, the page itself will be slightly tilted.

28. Apply toothpaste on clothes and leave them to dry until they are washed and leave stains.

29. The different environments of the planets Arun (Neptune) and Varuna (Uranus) Due to this, there is a rain of diamonds.

30. Before going to bed, 93 per cent of people count their hours of sleep.

31. Laughing reduces mental pressure by 50 percent.

32. Drinking hot liquid drinks increases trust in others.

33. The human mind does not recognize anyone as a whole face, but rather with their eyes and any other part which is settled in the mind.

34. Girls learn the language quicker than boys and use more difficult words.

35. If you are studying a subject and at that time you feel that you have to teach it to someone else, then your attention will be increased.

36. Hearing music for about 15 minutes before going to bed helps you to sleep well and it is easier to wake up in the morning.

37. If you are blushing or feeling embarrassed, then the color inside your stomach becomes red.

38. People get worried about their looks after looking at themselves in the mirror for a long time.

39. Hearing music on loud sound affects the ability of the eyes to see. This is the reason why people take out earphones to look for distant things.

40. While lying in bed, 95 percent of the mobiles of people have fallen on their faces.

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