Shocking 15 home remedies to control diabetes

Learn, 15 Home Remedies To Control Diabetes-Health Lineup

What is diabetes

Diabetes is such a disease that if the right treatment or other things related to it are not taken care of, then it can cause great trouble for the person. We are suggesting some home remedies that can help control blood sugar levels.

Diabetes patients are also getting younger nowadays, due to wrong eating and lifestyle. Due to this disease, a person has to keep his sugar level under check as well as keep him under control. Some home remedies can be quite useful in this.


Home remedies for control diabetes

1. The juice of small wheat plants can also eliminate incurable diseases. Its juice is also known as Green Blood. Diabetes is beneficial by drinking half a cup of fresh juice of wheat jowar daily in the morning and evening.

2. Antioxidant and other essential elements are present in basil leaves, which make Ezinol, Methyl Ezinol and Caryophyllin. All these elements together help the insulin accumulating and releasing cells to function properly. To reduce the level of diabetes, take two to three basil leaves daily on an empty stomach. You can also juice it.

3. To keep blood sugar levels low, include 1 gram of cinnamon in your daily diet for a month.

4. Soak a bag of green tea in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Then remove the bag and consume a cup of this tea in the morning or before meals.

5. Wash some leaves of drumstick (Amalatas) and extract their juice. Take a quarter cup of juice and drink it daily on an empty stomach in the morning to keep blood sugar levels under control.

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6. To control diabetes, juice of neem leaves should be drunk on an empty stomach. Neem increases insulin sensitivity, improves blood circulation by circulating blood vessels, lowers blood glucose levels and reduces dependence on hypoglycemic drugs.

7. Fennel is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. Eating fennel keeps diabetes under control. Fennel should be eaten after meals regularly.

8. Diabetes can be controlled by drenching 10 mg Indian gooseberry juice mixed with 2 grams of turmeric powder. Take this solution twice a day.

9. Diabetes patients should eat blackberries with salt so that the amount of sugar in the blood is controlled.

10. Bitter gourd juice reduces sugar content. To control diabetes, one should drink bitter gourd juice regularly.

11. Grind 6 bell peppers, 6 neem leaves, 6 basil leaves, 6 green leaves of Baganbelia, 3 whole black peppers, and take them on an empty stomach with water, Diabetes can be controlled. Keep in mind, do not eat anything for at least half an hour after drinking it.

12. Mixing juice of tomato, cucumber and bitter gourd drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning is also very beneficial in diabetes.

13. The use of turnip also reduces blood sugar. Apart from this, the patient of diabetes should use taroi, gourd, parwal, spinach, papaya etc. more.

14. Diabetes can be reduced by taking flaxseed powder with hot water on an empty stomach every morning. Fiber is found in abundance in linseed due to which it helps in proper absorption of fat and sugar. Flaxseed seeds reduce the postpartum sugar of a diabetic patient by about 28 percent.

15. Put fenugreek seeds in a glass of water before sleeping at night. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning and chew fenugreek seeds together. It will be controlled by doing this regularly.


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