The Dark Side of Animal Protein

The Dark Side of Animal Protein

The Dark Side of Animal Protein

The animal protein relationship between many diseases. but we hear that a high-fat diet causes cancer, and the next, day a study shows that those on low-fat diets do not have lower cancer rates. The public is so confused and fed up that they just eat anything, and the number of overweight people continues to grow.


Heart Health – It’s Not Just Fat and Cholesterol

There was also a relationship between animal protein and heart disease. For example, plasma apolipoprotein B is positively associated with animal protein intake and inversely associated (lowered) with vegetable protein intake (e.g., legumes and greens).

Apolipoprotein B levels correlate strongly with coronary heart disease. Unknown to many is that animal proteins have a significant effect on raising cholesterol levels as well, while plant protein lowers it. Red meat is not the only problem. The consumption of chicken and fish is also linked to colon cancer.

A large recent study examined the eating habits of 32,000 adults for six years and then watched the incidence of cancer for these subjects over the next six years. Those who avoided red meat but ate white meat regularly had a more than 300 percent increase in colon cancer incidence.

The same study showed that eating beans, peas, or lentils at least twice a week was associated with a 50 percent lower risk than never eating these foods.

Understanding the Conflicting and Confusing Cancer Studies The China Project data also help explain findings from the Nurses Study in Boston, which showed that American women who reduced their fat intake surprisingly did not have a decreased risk of breast cancer.

First of all, those on the lower-fat diet consumed 29 percent of their calories from fat. This is still a high-fat diet (by my standards) and even higher than the group with the highest fat intake in China.

It’s like cutting back on smoking from three packs a day to two and expecting to get a significant decrease in lung cancer risk.

By the way, the lowest-fat group in China, whose diet was almost entirely composed of plants, was getting 6 percent of their calories from fat, and the high-fat group in China consumed about 24 percent of their calories from fat.

High protein vegetarian diet plan for muscle gain

Cancer is a fruit- and vegetable-deficiency disease dark side of animal protein

Not surprisingly, fruits and vegetables are the two foods with the best correlation with longevity in humans. Not whole-wheat bread, not bran, not even a vegetarian diet shows as powerful a correlation as a high level of fresh fruit and raw green salad consumption.

The National Cancer Institute recently reported on 337 different studies that all showed the same basic information:

1. Vegetables and fruits protect against all types of cancers if consumed in large enough quantities. Hundreds of scientific studies document this. The most prevalent cancers in our country are mostly plant-food-deficiency diseases.

2. Raw vegetables have the most powerful anti-cancer properties of all foods.

3. Studies on the cancer-reducing effects of vitamin pills containing various nutrients (such as folate, vitamin C, and E) get mixed reviews; sometimes they show a slight benefit, but most show no benefit. Occasionally studies show that taking isolated nutrients is harmful, as was discussed earlier regarding beta-carotene.

4. Beans, in general, not just soy, have additional anti-cancer benefits against reproductive cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer.

Animal Protein

Vegetarian Diet Is No Guarantee of Good Health

People who omit meat, fowl, and dairy but fill up on bread, pasta, pretzels, bagels, rice cakes, and crackers may be on a low-fat diet, but because their diet is also low in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, important essential fatty acids, and fiber, it is conspicuously inadequate and should not be expected to protect against cancer.

Additionally, because these refined grains are low in fiber, they do not make you feel full until after you have taken in too many calories from them. In other words, both their nutrient-to-calorie and nutrient-fiber ratios are extremely low.

Let me repeat this again to be clear: Following a strict vegetarian diet is not as important as eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

A vegetarian whose diet is mainly refined grains, cold breakfast cereals, processed health-food-store products, vegetarian fast foods, white rice, and pasta will be worse off than a person who eats a little chicken or eggs, for example, but consumes a large number of fruits, vegetables, and beans.

Studies have confirmed this. Multiple studies have shown that vegetarians live quite a bit longer than nonvegetarians do. But when we take a close look at the data, it appears that those who weren’t as strict had longevity statistics that were equally impressive as long as they consumed a high volume of a variety of unrefined plant foods.

The Breast and Prostate Cancer Mystery Unraveled

So much has been written about the causes of breast cancer (there are entire books devoted to the subject), yet women are still confused. This section should not be skipped over by men. Men have mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives they must help protect, and the same factors that cause breast cancer cause prostate cancer.

Men with a family history of breast cancer have an increased risk of prostate cancer, and women with a family history of prostate cancer have an increased risk of breast cancer. So there is a strong link between these two hormonally sensitive cancers.


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