Know, what is the father’s role during pregnancy (part-6)

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The role of the father

In the first 3 months

During the wife’s pregnancy, the father should pay more attention to the wife even between business jobs and other responsibilities.

Don’t quarrel with your wife about anything, try your best to keep her happy.

Giving constant love and warmth. Taking the wife for a regular checkup.

Strong support by preparing the wife mentally to give.

Taking an active interest in his chosen activities and providing mental support. Trying to keep her mind happy and cheerful emotions change rapidly due to the physical changes in pregnancy and the gentle state of mind as the constant changes in temperament and preferences.

In cases, it is necessary to take care of the wife when anger, irritability, etc. are normal. This difficult task has to be done by the father. And very patiently have to reveal their true understanding. Even a small incident at home can cause stress.

If born, the father as well as everyone else in the house.

Members should sit together and remove it. to help the wife as much as possible in all her tasks. Do all the work yourself during pregnancy so that the burden does not fall on the wife.

Engage with wife in activities like sanchan, satsang, prayer, meditation, music, etc.


During another 3 months

Keeping the home atmosphere pleasant. To take full care of any discord, Ebola, quarrels in the house.

Take full care of relatives taking food, medicines etc. regularly. Giving time to a pregnant wife not to get lost in the hustle and bustle of business. Beliving, understanding and coming to terms with the responsibility of the fetus itself.

Abstain from sexual intercourse and feel proud of it. Thank you sal for helping his wife in doing so.

To give plenty of love,warmth and courage. Assuming the wife is working too high. What’s the point of thanking your wife over and over again? Don’t think so. Pregnanacy, pregnancy and feticide are normal. Not to think so is to feel the pride of all and to be an active partner in it.

Dr. says Thomas Vermi: the feelings that a husband has for his wife and child during this time also have a profound effect on the offspring.

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During the last 3 months role of father

Not the travel. Be present as locally as possible. Need to make arrangements to reach home immediately. Have a maternity bag ready and take it with you when you leave. Remind the wife of the pranayama, breathing conditions, relaxation, meditation, etc. To be done when the labor pains start and help her.

Attend a special hospital at the of delivery. Have a good spirit. Praying fervently. keep calm special care should be taken to ensure that the son or daughter receives the same love and welcome. Mixing in the will of god.

Don’t even think of giving the baby anything except breast milk in the beginning. Don’t panic if you have to have a casarean operation.

Overcoming the influx of visitors. Take care and make arrangements so that visitors do not insist on going to the room.

Maintained the cleanliness of the maternity room to give her full love, warmth, courage. Congratulations from the heart. Lay your hands on your head and spread love. Be impatient to give birth to a child only if you have such preparation.

Moreover, it is the husband’s responsibility to do what the wife does throughout the book.

raising children is not the sole responsibility of the mother.

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