East India best 11 tourist places

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Amazing tourist places

The ruling ground of many ancient empires, East India has a strong ethnic culture and religious roots. Comprising the easternmost cities namely Odisha, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. It spans over a total area of about 418,323 Sq Km wherein the bulk of the region is either near the Bay of Bengal or on the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Adding to the vibrant culture of East India are various dance, music and art forms. From Sambalpuri dance to Rabindra Sangeet and Madhubani paintings, the creative diaspora of the region has left its mesmerizing effect on people worldwide.

1) Orissa


Orissa is located in the north-eastern coast of the Indian peninsula. To its east lies the Bay of Bengal, Jharkhand to the north, Chhattisgarh to the west, West Bengal to the north-east and Andhra Pradesh to the southeast. Currently Chandipur missile test center located in Balasore district has developed into a major launch site of the country.Orissa Tourist Places

2) Bhubaneswar


The capital of Orissa is Bhubaneswar, divided into two parts. Bhuvaneshwar is also called Kashi of the East. But very few people know that it has also been a famous Buddhist site. Buddhism flourished here for 1000 years in ancient times. In Old Bhubaneswar, the souvenirs of the past seem to be called the Historical Pride. So new dimensions of modern progress are being established in New Bhubaneswar.

3) Jagannath Temple


Every year millions of people from all over the country and abroad reach Puri’s Jagannath Temple. It is not only a temple in Puri, but many other temples are also the center of tourist attraction. Jagannath Temple is one of the most popular temples in this place. People of the country and the world are thrilled about the Jagannath Yatra that takes place every year in Puri. Being part of it reaches Puri in millions.

4) Darjeeling

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Not only famous in India but it is considered a beautiful tourist place all over the world. The beauty of the Darjeeling tourist destination is less than what we do. Here we can see very beautiful heart touching views. It has pleasant winds here. Which touches the beautiful lovers here. These cold-cold winds make us feel very pleasant. Darjeeling icy hills, and beds of colorful flowers soothe the heart. Darjeeling icy hills, and beds of colorful flowers soothe the heart. The view of the snow falling on the hill, and the natural beauty of it as if in heaven, settle in our heart.

Of which these places are considered to be special tourist places like – Ghoom Rock, Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Sandakphu, Victoria Falls, Lebang Racecourse, Senathal Lake, Rock Garden, Singla, Ghoom Monastery, Tadakh, Majitar, Lloyd Botanical Garden, Japanese There are temples, Natural History Museum, Gorkha Dukhta Sangh, Himalayan Mountaineering, Shakya Math, Tea Gardens, Ropeways, Shravari, Garg World Amusement Park, Himalaya Hindi Bhawan and Sukhiya Pokhari etc. The only chance to see all these places is in Darjeeling.

5) West Bengal


which tells the literature of India for its different identity and culture, is more beautiful than you have thought. There are many places here where you feel like stopping after going. If you are going to West Bengal, then definitely go to these places –

6) Kolkata


It is said that if the British had stayed in India for a few more days, they would have made this place a London. You will get a glimpse of London in this city. You can see many historical things like Howrah Bridge here. Once visiting this city, you should understand the ancient glorious culture and literature of India.

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7) Sundarbans


Sundarbans Go to West Bengal and do not go here that cannot be done. UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site. Visit this place to see more than 250 tigers and other extinct animals. It is called the paradise of photographers. You will remember this trip for a lifetime.

8) jharkhand


Equipped with forest wealth, Jharkhand is considered an important state of India in natural terms. The state bordering Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha also represents a wide tribal folk culture. Apart from this, the minerals found here are used as raw materials in the Indian construction industry.

9) Ranchi hills


If you want to enjoy the views of the beautiful hills of Jharkhand, then definitely take a tour of Ranchi Hills. Ranchi Hills is counted among the most beautiful destinations in the state, situated at an elevation of about 2140 feet. The most special thing about this hills is that you can see the entire city from here. The temple of Lord Shiva located on Rancha Hills is counted among the main attractions here. Apart from this, there is also a beautiful hill lake called Ranchi Lake. Boating facilities are available in this lake.

10) Netarhat


Netarhat is also counted among the most beautiful destinations in the state. Which has the status of ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’. Actually Netarhat is a hill station, which is surrounded by dense forests on all sides in the form of a plateau. The distance from Ranchi here is only 156 km. Netarhat is also known for its amazing views of sunrise and sunset amidst its hilly beauty. The best time to visit Netarhat is summer season (March to May).

11) Jubilee Lake


If you are troubled by the heat of the city, then you can enjoy a walk to Jubilee Lake in Jamshedpur. It is considered to be the most beautiful corner of the city amidst crowds, where tourists can be seen from morning to evening. This lake is also known as Jayanti Sarovar. This lake is inside the famous Jubilee Park. Jubilee Park is known for its natural beauty. Where people from around often come to hang out in Venkade


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