Training for Strength & Stamina

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Training Guidelines

Strength training is foundational. There is not a day that goes by that a SEAL, or any warrior, is not required to pick something heavy up and carry it for some distance. The athlete who has focused exclusion on single-mode mono-structural sports like running, biking, or triathlon training will have trouble handling the load and could be a liability to his or her team.

Strength training is not complicated or sexy. It is just hard work. But it is fun and rewarding when done right, and provides a great team-training opportunity. Generally, Strength training is defined as picking things up that have significant weight and moving them or putting them overhead.

Body-weight exercises have their value but are limited in their ability to develop significant strength gains. The
SEAL FIT program trains strength 3 days a week. Our programming rotates between total body, upper body, and lower body exercises.



Quite simply, getting strong allows you to carry more heavy stuff, which makes you more useful to your team.

Sustained strength work will extend the duration of short bursts of energy provided by Functional Strength means that we get strong in a functional manner – we squat, lift, push, and pull using movements that are natural, safe, holistic and engage the core before using the extremities.

Functional strength development requires simultaneous core strength development. We combine our strength work and durability to ensure core stability grows alongside strength.

Muscle-building supplements & tips

Relative Strength means the strength exhibited is relative to the size of the delivery vehicle. A 165 lb man with a 300lb deadlift (1.8 lbs lifted per lb of body weight) is relatively stronger than a 210 lb man with a 350 lb deadlift (1.6) even though the larger man is lifting more weight.

anaerobic energy pathways as well as the efficiency of the muscle movements allowing for more weight to be lifted, and lifted over time.

Absolute Strength is defined as the amount of musculoskeletal force you can generate for one all-out effort, irrespective of time or body weight.

This form of strength can be demonstrated or tested in the weight room during the performance of a maximal, single-repetition lift. While only powerlifters need to maximize and demonstrate this type of strength in competition, all athletes need to develop absolute strength as a foundation for other bio-motor abilities such as strength speed, strength endurance, agility, etc.


Absolute strength is displayed through two muscular actions:

1. Concentric Strength: the ability to overcome resistance through muscular contraction, i.e., the muscle shortens as it develops tension.

2. Eccentric Strength: displayed when a muscle lengthens as it yields to resistance. Eccentric strength is normally 30- 50% greater than concentric strength, meaning that you can lower significantly more weight in good control than you can actually lift.

SEALFIT utilizes Olympic lifts and Power Lifts to build relative strength and strength stamina. We use them because:

1. Olympic lifts teach an athlete how to explode (to activate a maximum number of motor units rapidly and

2. Olympic lifts teach the ability to apply force with his or her muscle groups in the proper sequence (i.e., from the center of the body to the extremities). This is a valuable technical lesson for any athlete who needs to impart force to another person or object.

3. Olympic lifts teach how to accelerate objects (including other people) under varying degrees of resistance.

4. Olympic lifts teach how to effectively receive forces from another moving body.

5. The actual movements performed while executing the Olympic lifts are among the most common, functional and
fundamental in sports.

6. The Olympic lifts are relatively easy to measure an athlete’s force output capabilities.


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